Full Service Support

Full service means that I handle every aspect of your website from Domain Registration, Design, Hosting, Maintenance and Support.

All you have to do is assist me in the analysis and planning phase, to ensure your website correctly represents your requirements, then approve the design.

You must provide me with all logos and pictures you want to use on your website. You must also provide me with any text that will accompany the photos. You must be fully authorized to use the logo(s)/pictures. Avoiding Copyright infringements will be your responsibility.

I will initially create your website on a special sampling website, for you to review the content before it goes live. This allows for you and I to make multiple modifications until the website is to your liking.

I will register your domain name, upload your design to the hosting service, maintain your website, as and when your need changes, and deal with the hosting company in the event of hosting issues.

For this you pay a one time only setup fee, and a very low monthly fee, paid once a year.

How low, you may ask? Tell me your requirements using the Contact Form, and I will tell you exactly how low. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

Other aspects of the service are: Web Design, Domain Registration and Web Hosting and Maintenance.

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