Hosting and Maintaining a website

A hosting service is a company that stores your website on their computers.

It is important to host with a company that is reliable in service and up time. You will often see wording like 24/7 99.9%. That means that in a period of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, the computers that host your website are up and running 99.9% of the time. In the many years have been with the hosting service I use, I have had to call them just once.

I rent a block of space with such a company and sublet some of that space to host your website. In the event of system issues, I communicate with the hosting company.

There are 2 ways to have your website hosted. Host with another company or host with me. If you host with me, the cost of hosting your website is included in your annual services fee.

If you host with another company, the cost of your hosting will be in addition to your annual service charges. In the event of hosting issues, you will have to deal with the hosting company yourself.

Included in your annual fee is Maintenance. This includes minor changes as and when needed, and more complex changes up to 4 times in one year. This does not include redesigns.

Other aspects of the service are: Web Design and Domain Registration.

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