Domain Registration

A web hosting service has an IP address that shows where your website is stored. This IP address consists of 4 sets of numbers that uniquely identifies the location of your website. E.g.

It would not be very convenient if you had to know the IP address to access that website. This is where domain registration comes in. You provide a meaningful name to that IP address. That name must be unique and have one of the special extensions associated with it. The most common extension is .com.

At the time of creating this website, the above IP address is associated with the name LJDWEB.COM. By entering in a web browser, I am instructing the browser to get my coded website from that unique IP address.

Registration is done through an accredited Domain Registrar. There are many of these registrars that offer different prices. Registration is paid for annually, although all registrars accept multi-year registration at one time.

You can use this WHOIS link to show you whether a domain name you choose is available. Do not order a domain name if I am hosting your website. The cost of domain registration is included in your annual fee.

Other aspects of the service are: Web Design and Web Hosting and Maintenance.

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