About LJDesigns

My name is Robert Harford and I started Louis Jr. Designs in 1992 as an online embroidery design company specializing in Western Wear.

You may wonder why Louis Jr.! Well, Louis was my dad's name. He gave so much to provide for us as a family, he failed to take the opportunity to go into business with a friend. That business did relatively well. I decided to honor my father with his name in the business name and of course, the Jr. is his son. ME.

Also in 1992, as a personal favor, I learned about designing and hosting websites, and created a few for family and friends.

I gave up the embroidery aspect in 1994 and focussed entirely on website design. It expanded to some small businesses, such as a doctor, dentist, professional DJ and even my local chinese carry out, and then eventually to a number of non-profit organizations and a really good Pink Floyd tribute band out of Indiana.

LJDesigns is a hobby business limited to a small number of customers. I only design and host informational websites. My costs are kept very low on the understanding that this is a hobby and, maintenance and support is limited to the times I am available.

Having said that, I consider LJDesigns a full service business, as I design your website, set you up with a unique domain name of your choosing, host your site and provide maintenance and support.

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